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Started day: mile marker 420 Ended day: mile marker 455 Our anchorage in South Santee River was actually better and calmer than we thought it would be. We got up and out by 10:00. No hurry as we are about 50 miles from Charleston and we are not due to be there until tomorrow, Nov 15th. We plan to anchor tonight The day was filled with beautiful scenery once again. We are now back in saltwater so several dolphin sightings and several inlets to cross….Continue Reading “Dewees Inlet Anchorage”

Started day: mile marker 373 Ended day: mile marker 420 We left Osprey Marina around 8:00, no fog which was nice. This was a great place to stay for these couple of days. The WIFI was good until it went down on day 2… but we had cell service so it was not a big problem. It was a nice day for our motor south on the ICW. The Waccamaw River was beautiful. Almost like motoring through a swamp, very few houses were visible. Cypress…Continue Reading “South Santee River Anchorage”

Started day: mile marker 297 Ended day: mile marker 373 This morning we were up at the crack of dawn again. But today it was important to get an early start to transit Cape Fear River and round the point at Southport. The tide would be with us until about 10am – wind was coming from the East but at least it was not on the nose. We had no trouble down the river – the current at the point was strong but we had…Continue Reading “Visiting Family in Myrtle Beach”

Started day: mile marker 229.5 Ended day: mile marker 297 Finally an early start to the day! We pulled the anchor in Swansboro just as the sun came up. It was a beautiful ride on the ICW today. We passed several beach areas, saw alot of wildlife (birds and dolphin), and passed lots of bridges. There were several swing bridges and bascule bridges on the ICW today. Some of them open as the boats arrive and others only open on the hour. This slowed us…Continue Reading “Roaches as big as mice”

Started day: mile marker 182 Ended day: mile marker 229.5 We woke early and with no fog so this would be an early departure… or so we thought. We exited the dock and almost immediately ended up stuck in the mud. This is the first time we could not get ourselves out of the grounding. Stew even tried to wrangle a small motorboat to give us a pull. We finally gave in and called Towboat US. About 40 minutes later they finally arrived and in…Continue Reading “Stuck in the mud in Oriental”

Started day: mile marker 132 Ended day: mile marker 182 Left the Dowery marina this morning as soon as the fog cleared. Yes, another morning of fog! We were heading to Oriental, NC. We had a great ride down the Pungo River, across the Pamlico River, down Goose Creek, into Bay River and then into the Neuse River. Bay River and Neuse River were a little choppy but it wasn’t too bad. We had connected earlier in the summer with some friends (Carol and Ken)…Continue Reading “Meet up with new friends”

Started day: mile marker 103 Ended day: mile marker 132 We awoke to fog as usual – The anchorage was very quiet and peaceful. We planned to make it to Oriental (about 80 miles).. but quickly discovered this was not meant to be… Stew started the engine and then typically checks oil and looks at engine itself. The engine seemed to be shaking more than usual – rattling actually. It was the alternator again! The pin that holds the alternator in place had sheered off…Continue Reading “Another engine problem”

Started day: mile marker 28.5 Ended day: mile marker 103 Pungo Ferry anchorage was great – ver peaceful all night. It is starting to get warmer so we wake up to the boat being between 50-55 degrees which is a relief from the 35-39 degrees!! Morning begins with boiling the water for coffee. We make one pot in our coffee press (grinding the beans of course). Once it has brewed we fill our “to-go” 16oz thermos mugs and put the remainder into the purple 24oz…Continue Reading “Alligator River anchorage”

Started day: mile marker 0 Ended day: mile marker 28.5 Morning brought another low tide, but we were certain we could get out of the marina. We would head directly to the Portsmouth harbor marina for diesel and get on our way. We were very excited to pass mile zero – where the Atlantic ICW really begins. Next up were several bridges. We waited about an hour at the Norfolk railroad bridge #7 (this is the one that was hit by the cement barge a…Continue Reading “Passed Mile 0 on Atlantic ICW”

Last night in Deltaville I did some baking – the pumpkin bread was a nice addition this morning as we left our calm marina. I also made a quick snack of plantains – warm and yummy!! This morning worked a little different with the wind than we thought – it was calmer in the morning than after lunch. This was due to the west wind working at cross purposes to the tide. We had slack tide when we started this morning and it was a…Continue Reading “Out of Fuel in Norfolk Harbor”