Stewart (Captain)

I love to sail and can’t wait to chuck it all and sail off into the sunset.

I am a film maker by day and look forward to using my talent to document our adventure as full time cruisers.

Ellen (First Mate)

I really want a simple life, a path to live more sustainably. I stumbled into the idea of sailing by accident and found that I love it.

I look forward to the challenges this life brings and, of course, the adventures!

S/V Freedom

1987 Freedom 36

Designer Gary Mull
Builder Tillotson-Pearson Inc.
Baltek Conturkore Construction (Hand Lay Up)
American Bureau of Shipping Certification
more about S/V Freedom..

Pete the Dinghy

Our great and loyal companion — following us wherever we go — good weather and bad.

Izzy the ISUP


Ready for adventure at every port with her sidekick Paddy the Paddle.