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Started day: mile marker 1100 (No longer on the ICW) Ended day: mile marker 1152 Thursday, we woke and exited South Basin, raised the sails, and headed to the ocean via Cape Florida Channel to Hawk’s channel.  It was a beautiful day, and we did some sailing without the motor.  We couldn’t do that for long because we needed to travel 52 miles today before dark. Since we draw 6’ we could no longer travel in the ICW.  We had to use Hawk’s channel that is…Continue Reading “Heading to the Florida Keys”

Started day: mile marker 1064 Ended day: mile marker 1100 Wednesday, we woke and left the anchorage at 8:30 to make an 8:45 bridge opening of Las Olas.  Once through the bridge we stopped for fuel, filling all the jerrycans, dinghy tank, generator, and main tank.  While Stew worked on this, I went into facility to use WIFI to update the iPad Aqua maps.  We did a little WIFI in Fort Lauderdale, but needed a full day to get things downloaded, blog updated, photos backed up…Continue Reading “Heading into the Ocean”

Sunday (Dec 19th) we awoke to more rain, but it cleared enough for a nice breakfast on the “veranda”.  After breakfast we loaded up Pete the dinghy with our laundry, all of our shower gear, and reusable grocery bags and set off down the canal system to find Moondance, the Sailing Jason’s boat.  The canals in Fort Lauderdale are noteworthy with low bridges and houses all along the ride.  It took us about 20 minutes to get to Moondance. The Jasons were so great!  First…Continue Reading “Fun in Fort Lauderdale”

Started day: mile marker 1031 Ended day: mile marker 1064 Last night we had a discussion with some friends that are local to this area, the Sailing Jasons (both sailors are named Jason!) on S/V Moondance.  They were concerned about us traveling this part of the ICW on a Saturday as it gets VERY busy and is very narrow, shallow and wakey.  Plus we have 15 low bridges to traverse. We decided to leave really early since it was Saturday and hopefully get a head start…Continue Reading “The Day of Bridges!”

Started day: mile marker 998 Ended day: mile marker 1031 Left Hobe Sound (Friday) around 8 am.  Stew’s back was still not 100% but he felt he could drive today.  We iced it before we left and slathered on the Icy Hot.  It turned out to be a more grueling day than we thought as we had 11 low bridges to navigate. Most of the day was spent calling bridge operators and waiting for openings.  We did grab some fuel and topped up the water along…Continue Reading “Moving on to Lantana”

Started day: mile marker 966 Ended day: mile marker 998 We decided mid-morning on Sunday (Dec 12th) to move further south.  A storm was coming and we were not very protected in our Fort Pierce anchorage.  Stew’s back had been hurting the last few days and it was starting to hurt worse so getting somewhere safe seemed a good idea. We decided to anchor in Hobe Sound.  A beautiful anchorage and no one was here, which was nice.  As soon as we arrived we started seeing…Continue Reading “Arrived at Beautiful Hobe Sound”

Started day: mile marker 951 Ended day: mile marker 966 We had a great time in Vero Beach but we were ready to move on to a new anchorage. We pulled anchor and said goodbye to our mooring neighbors, Symbiose, at around 9:30 on Wednesday. It was a very calm day with little wind so we just motored south. We noticed the really blue water as we entered the Fort Pierce area so we grabbed an anchorage just south of the Fort Pierce Inlet (and bridge),…Continue Reading “On to Fort Pierce”

Started day: mile marker 943 Ended day: mile marker 951 We slept in a bit this morning (Sunday, Dec 5th at Sebatian Wabasso Bridge), but were quickly awakened with all the Sunday boat traffic. The anchorage finally calmed down last night, but the weekend boaters were out and about again. Stew did some fishing and we fussed around a bit before heading off to Vero Beach. We pulled into the fuel dock to get our mooring assignment and to fill the diesel and water tanks –…Continue Reading “Rafting on a Mooring in Vero Beach”

Started day: mile marker 918 Ended day: mile marker 943 Woke to a beautiful sunrise although a bit chilly. Since it was Saturday we indulged and had a big breakfast of eggs, toast, veggies and wonderful alvacado! After breakfast I made some lentil veggie soup in my thermal pot (thank you Diane!). Our sail/motor to Sebastian was a bit brutal. Because it was Saturday there were alot of boats out and about. We had a terrible run in with a large 50′ convertible motor boat going…Continue Reading “On to Sebastian”

Started day: mile marker 900 Ended day: mile marker 918 Although the morning was pretty cold (50s), we had a really beautiful sunrise and putzed around a bit. Stew fiddled with the engine, hoping that tightening some things would solve the raw water intake problem. We finally pulled up anchor around 11am and headed down the ICW toward Melbourne, arriving at 3:00. We fished and I finally got to do some reading – trying to get back into my paperback I started probably this summer sometime!!