Thanksgiving at Pine Creek

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Back when Stew and I lived in Erie our tradition was to celebrate Thanksgiving at the cabin with the kids. We usually did our Christmas there as well, then the kids could celebrate in other ways with other people for Christmas. This year Alyssa and Cole both wanted to do Thanksgiving at the cabin (and so did we).

No one could arrived before Thursday so we moved the main meal to Friday so no one had to rush to arrive. Once Cole arrived we decided to take a short hike down the bike trail. Sticking to the bike trail was a better idea with the hunters in the woods. It was a cold but beautiful day.

Alyssa and her family arrived in the evening. They had camper van issues and had to drive the electric car. That required a charge-up in Olean on the way. We were super excited to see Arlo of course (and everyone else too).

Friday we had a wonderful morning with the group and headed out on a walk while the turkey cooked.

The only picture of the turkey dinner was taken of Arlo with his pile of beans and turkey breast slices!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, visiting and watching movies.

Saturday was a little colder and overcast. Alyssa wasn’t feeling very well so we took it easy most of the day. We did get to facetime with Kim, she was incredibly missed!! We did get outside for a campfire in the afternoon.

Everyone left on Monday. It was great to have everyone stay that extra day. Stew and I spent the next few days packing up and preparing the cabin for winter. We were sad to think about leaving but we were ready for some warmer weather!!

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