Rest of Fall at Pine Creek

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The rest of October and November seemed to just fly by. October 17th, the day after arriving home from our road trip, the high-speed internet was installed. That changed everything because we now had real-time access to the internet.

I started most days with a 10-mile bike ride on the bike path, which I loved! The fall colors and falling leaves created a beautiful backdrop to my ride. I also started doing some wall pilates that I enjoyed (most days).

We had a few jobs to finish up but most were on hold because the weather was just too cold. Most days it was very cold in the cabin. There is no furnace but we do have a gas insert in the main area downstairs and several space heaters. We found it worked well to keep our long undies on most of the day.

I started working on getting my blog from the road trip posted and both Stew and I looked for some remote part-time work.

Now and then we had a nice campfire in the afternoon…

Cole came up on the weekends which was great. He worked on his forge making knives and swords, he just loves blacksmithing! We also did some hiking and found a new trail just down the road at Jersey Mills, Callahan Trail. The trail was wonderfully wide and ever so slightly was climbing the mountain. Several other trails split from the Callahan Trail that we plan to explore in the future. I loved that the trail paralleled Callahan Run, so we had a babbling brook that followed us as we hiked.

At the beginning of November, our company “Intentional Focus LLC” landed a video production project for a Non-profit company in Erie. The project was to produce a short showcase video of four skilled trades that have a presence in Erie County. The target audience was high school students. We headed to Erie to do some interviews and b-roll with the skilled trades representatives. This also meant we got to see Arlo!

We shot our footage in 5 days and headed back to the cabin to edit the video. Stew spent all day everyday editing. Except when Cole and I pulled him away to do some hiking.

We decided to explore the Cammal trail, which is a trail just to the north of Cammal. The start of the trail required a steep climb from the road that wasn’t much fun. It was harder coming down! Once we got to the top there was no apparent trail. We learned later that the trail was no longer supported, thus the lack of trail markers. But we had fun anyway.

We completed the video in late November. It was well received and we landed four more longer videos that we will be working on in December. This is very exciting and we are thrilled to have projects to work on. It does delay our return to sailing, but it helps with the bank account!!

The Skilled Trades Showcase video that we produced:

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