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On the Road again…

Dec 3rd at 9:50 am we pulled out of the cabin and started south for the winter! We were packed to the top and excited to see Mom and visit the boat. We had a video production project that needed to be completed by the end of December so we wouldn’t be moving the boat from Titusville just yet. But we did plan to go over at some point to Titusville and at least get it unpacked and set up for living.

We drove about 9 hours to Mooresville where we stayed in an Airbnb for the night. We luckily found a very cheap one – it was a new rental looking for some reviews so the price per night was right. We were able to get out of the place around 7 am the next morning.

We arrived at Mom’s in Sun City Center around 6pm on Monday. She was happy to see us and we were happy to see her as well.

We got settled in so that we could get back to our video production project. I woke every morning and did my 2-mile walk and additional back exercises. If I wake early enough I get. a great sunrise!

Stew starts his morning with coffee and moves directly to editing. Once I am back from exercising we work on the scripts and some of the graphics.

We decided to take a break and go over to the boat in Titusville. Super excited to see her and she looked so good. We have been lucky every year with how Freedom has done across the hot summer in Florida, through the storms and the heat. No mildew, no water damage, engine and batteries in good shape. We spent three days getting the boat unpacked and ready to live in. Still a long way to go and a lot to do, but its liveable now.

We returned to Mom’s and got back to editing our videos. Still a lot of work to do before the end of December.

Dec 20th Mom and I took an afternoon and headed to the Manatee Viewing Center at the electric company in Apollo Beach. It has been very cold in Florida and the manatees were gathered in the warm water around the plant. So many manatees, but very hard to get pictures as they stay just under the surface. We had. a nice time watching them.

December 24th, Christmas Eve I got out for my walk early and the sunrise was just fabulous. Many flowers in bloom as well. Beauty all around me it seemed.

Christmas day the plan was to head to Lakeland to Matthew’s (my brother) house for Christmas dinner but later Christmas Eve we found out Kara, his wife had COVID-19. This is the third holiday in a row where we planned something with my brother’s family that has been canceled due to COVID or another sickness. So, we figured out a plan for ourselves for Christmas Day.

We had a great morning opening a few presents and having a big breakfast. We gave Mom a birdfeeder that we hope works in her apartment. Can’t wait for the birds to find it. Alyssa gave her an electronic picture frame that she loves. Stew played video games most. of the day while mom and I remained in our PJs and watched a series of movies. We ended up just snacking most of the day, no need for a big dinner as it turned out.

The rest of the week was consumed with finishing up the Erie project, due Dec 29th. We did finally get to Facetime with the kids back in Erie, which was wonderful as usual. New Year’s was fairly uneventful, we watched movies and ended up in bed by 10:00.

New Year’s day Stew and I headed across Florida to the boat. So excited to welcome 2024!!

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