Miles: 17.5Time: 3 hoursAvg Speed: 5Max Speed: 6.8 March 7th, Thursday: Around noon the wind finally changed so we could go north around the top end of the Berries and to the west side of Great Harbor Cay. We were a little frustrated with all the engine issues and weather issues and ready for a change of scenery. The sail north was actually very nice and we enjoyed scoping out Little Stirrup Cay and Great Stirrup Cay where all the cruise ships port. Little Stirrup…Continue Reading “The Berries: Great Harbor Cay East”

Miles: 53.9Time: 8 hours 30 minAvg Speed: 6.3Max Speed: 8.1 February 29th, Thursday: We left Mackie Shoal at 6:30am (twilight) after a great night at anchor. We had to motor into the wind, it was not a pleasant ride, very little unfortunate sailing. Yesterday had been such a great day of sailing! We were very pumped to get to the Berry Islands. We arrived at Cistern Cay, just north of Bullocks Harbor, and decided to anchor there. It was behind a small piece of land…Continue Reading “The Berries: Cistern, Rat, and Great Harbor Cay”

Miles: 55.8. *sailed most of the dayTime: 10 hours 15 minAvg Speed: 5.5Max Speed: 7.9 We left Brown’s Marina around 8:00 and headed for Blue Water Marina fuel dock.  The tide was going out and wind was blowing against it.  We were able to get out of the slip with the help of our neighbor Carl and with the help of several boaters we landed at the fuel dock.  After getting diesel we had to figure out how to get off the fuel dock –…Continue Reading “Heading to Mackie Shoal”

Miles: 57.79Time: 9 hoursAvg Speed: 6.4Max Speed: 10 We left Key Biscayne around 6:45AM to winds out of the North/North-East – Really not the preferred direction. They shifted mid-morning to more out of the East. We had sails up all day, tacking to and fro with the motor running as well. We traveled slow because we were really going right into the wind. Stew set a course South of Bimini due to the Gulf Stream that was dragging us North. Because our wind was also…Continue Reading “Made it to BIMINI!!!”

Miles: 43Time: 6 hrs 15 minAvg Speed: 6.9Max Speed: 9.0 We finally took off from Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, Feb 24th. The Sailing Jasons were great hosts, providing us a slip & use of their car! We couldn’t have done it without them!! Our motoring to Key Biscayne was uneventful. The wind was not at an angle that made it worth raising the sails. We saw some wildlife, a sailing fleet, some large barges, and many large mega yachts. We arrived at Key Biscayne to…Continue Reading “Get Ready, Get Set, Go… to the Bahamas!”

I am so tired of Bahamas Prep, I just want to get going! I feel like I only think about prepping and organizing all our prepped items. It is exhausting. We did so much research etc last year and now I am working to get my head back around all that stuff again. I am reading and re-reading my notes and the Waterway Guide to the Bahamas. I also do a lot of reading of the Facebook posts in the various Bahamas Facebook groups. These…Continue Reading “Bahamas Prep, can we go already?”

I’m really not sure where January went! We returned to the boat on January 1st and now it’s January 31st! Once back on the boat we had to deal with all the Bahamas provisions from our failed 2023 Bahamas adventure. There were cans and mason jars everywhere!! We also discovered that the floor of the dry store had dropped out and needed to be fixed. First order of business was to get that dry store fixed so we had some place to put all the…Continue Reading “A Busy January!!”

On the Road again… Dec 3rd at 9:50 am we pulled out of the cabin and started south for the winter! We were packed to the top and excited to see Mom and visit the boat. We had a video production project that needed to be completed by the end of December so we wouldn’t be moving the boat from Titusville just yet. But we did plan to go over at some point to Titusville and at least get it unpacked and set up for…Continue Reading “Heading South”

Back when Stew and I lived in Erie our tradition was to celebrate Thanksgiving at the cabin with the kids. We usually did our Christmas there as well, then the kids could celebrate in other ways with other people for Christmas. This year Alyssa and Cole both wanted to do Thanksgiving at the cabin (and so did we). No one could arrived before Thursday so we moved the main meal to Friday so no one had to rush to arrive. Once Cole arrived we decided…Continue Reading “Thanksgiving at Pine Creek”

The rest of October and November seemed to just fly by. October 17th, the day after arriving home from our road trip, the high-speed internet was installed. That changed everything because we now had real-time access to the internet. I started most days with a 10-mile bike ride on the bike path, which I loved! The fall colors and falling leaves created a beautiful backdrop to my ride. I also started doing some wall pilates that I enjoyed (most days). We had a few jobs…Continue Reading “Rest of Fall at Pine Creek”