We drove Mom and Dad back to Florida, stayed for a few days, then headed back to Hilton Head. We had a chance to stop and see where Eve (my brother’s oldest daughter) lives in Gainesville. We had a quick bite to eat with her before classes. Once back in Hilton Head Stew and I re-evaluated our situation. Hilton Head is very far from my parents (6-8 hours depending on traffic) and it is mighty cold. It is hard to enjoy our bikes or the…Continue Reading “Last days in Hilton Head”

After arriving Sunday evening we relaxed on board the boat and did a some walking around on the docks. Monday (Dec 21) we showered and headed to Hilton Head airport to rent a car. Preston, the dock hand at Shelter Cove, was nice enough to give us a ride. We needed to pick up my parents car that we left at Cooper River Marina in Charleston. On the way we would stop by Beaufort, SC and have lunch. We did not get to visit Beaufort…Continue Reading “Exploring Hilton Head”

Started day: mile marker 522 Ended day: mile marker 563 The night was cold and rainy but we did well snuggled in our cozy v-berth. We were up and ready to attack the anchor at slack tide, 7:15am. With a bit of effort we finally felt a “pop” and the anchor came free. We were really relieved! We headed to Beaufort Safe Harbor Marina to get diesel and then on to Hilton Head!! The morning was a bit rainy and overcast but I was really…Continue Reading “Shelter Cove, We have arrived!”