The morning was spectacular as we both slept well and so happy to be on the other end of the storm… like a bad case of the flu! It felt good to get on our way. Even though Stew and I had a rough few days our little basil plant was blooming. Perhaps a good sign for us. We moved it out into the sun… We headed across the sound to Safe Harbor capri for some diesel and to fill the water tanks. While we…Continue Reading “Heading to NJ”

The night we spent in Echo Bay, just outside New Rochelle was glorious. We had a goods night sleep and felt renewed in the morning. We putzed around a bit and headed out to do some sailing on Long Island Sound. It was pretty cool because there were so many sailboats already out there. In fact a race seemed to be going on just beyond Larchmont bay. Larchmont, as I found out later, is a diehard sailing club. I guess they are renown for it….Continue Reading “Gale Force Winds”

Our night was rough at the George Washington Bridge. We rolled most of the night due to current, tides and wind. We struggled to get the anchor up and had to wait until slack tide to do it. The weather was brisk and the wind was blowing pretty strong. It was very overcast but we were excited to see the Statue of Liberty!! Once we made the turn up the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge the wind went away making the ride much smoother…Continue Reading “Statue of Liberty”

The night was just terrible. The wind was up and we were tied to the fuel dock at White’s marina, banging, clanging, rolling, swaying all night long. BRUTAL. We departed White’s at 6:45 heading to Samalot Marine Store in Haverstraw to shorten our lifelines, about 29 miles. It was a pretty cold morning but we were so happy to be back on the water and the scenery could not have been better. Once in Haverstraw we were able to tie up at Safe Harbor Marina…Continue Reading “Anchoring at GW Bridge”