I again have dropped the ball and not posted in quite some time. I am promising myself. I’m going to get back on this. We were headed to st Augustine to do boat work back in Oct. we remained there through mid Dec doing a refit on the instruments and more! List at the bottom of post. We final splashed on Dec 13th and remained afloat with no leaks!! A huge win in our book! We moved down the east coast of Florida to vero…Continue Reading “What we’ve been up to…”

When we started the Balmar 60-YP-100-SV alternator and regulator installation last week we found we needed a new alternator support piece. The hole that holds the pin for the alternator was very worn and that is why our alternator was cavitating so badly (and probably why we had several things break related to the alternator!). The part wouldn’t arrive until Monday! We were hoping to leave Dec 15th (Tuesday) for Hilton Head… so we tried to do all the work we could while waiting on…Continue Reading “Installation of Balmar Alternator”

Started day: mile marker 103 Ended day: mile marker 132 We awoke to fog as usual – The anchorage was very quiet and peaceful. We planned to make it to Oriental (about 80 miles).. but quickly discovered this was not meant to be… Stew started the engine and then typically checks oil and looks at engine itself. The engine seemed to be shaking more than usual – rattling actually. It was the alternator again! The pin that holds the alternator in place had sheered off…Continue Reading “Another engine problem”