Upper Peninsula (MI)

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We left Bay City Monday morning (Labor Day) around noon and headed up the Michigan’s Upper Penisula. The Mackinaw Bridge was closed until noon for their annual “Labor Day bridge walk”, so we took our time and went up the coast of Lake Huron on Rte 23. It was a really beautiful drive.

Once over the Mackinaw Bridge, we meandered through some back roads and headed to our wild campsite. After several turns on dirt roads, we ended up behind a camper van. He let us pass, probably thought we were locals in our Buick Enclave. A few turns later we landed in our site nestled between some trees on the Carp River, which was more like a creek (it was off Nogi A Road.. 46.073833, -84.960444).

We were in the process of getting our campsite set up when the camper van we had been following showed up. We told him there was room for him but he decided to move along – we weren’t disappointed.

Stew gathered some firewood and made a nice campfire. He did some droning and then we had a few appetizers of cheese and some great smoked fish dip, reheated our food from the night before (grilled salmon & london broil) with some nice veggies for dinner. After cleaning up it was getting dark so we retreated to the “car bed”, watched an episode of “Foundation” from AppleTV, and had a great sleep!

The morning was comfortable with nice sunshine. We had some coffee, packed up and headed off to Tahaquamenon Falls.

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