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Titusville Marina

It was great fun hanging out in Titusville.  Our friends, Dave and Diane (s/v Yachtzee) decided to join us for a month in Titusville.  Honestly, how we both scored a slip is pure luck!  This place is very hard to get reservations – but I guess in the marina world – a boater in the hand is worth two in the “reservation basket”.

One of many birds on the Nature Preserve
The park beside the Marina
Cape Canaveral Beach

Dave and Diane lived in China for a few years and usually celebrated the Chinese New Years.  Diane made a ton of food – much of it was gluten, nut and meat free for me, which was wonderful.  We had such a fun night!

Chinese New Year Dinner with Dave and Diane (S/V Yachtzee)

Stew and I spent a lot of time bike riding, esp on the Merritt Island Nature Preserve.  One of our biking trips to the Preserve we noticed a large number of horseshoe crabs.  It turns out that this area is one of the biggest spawning areas for the horseshoe crab – and mid-February was when it happened.  It was fun to watch them.  The females bury themselves in the sand and wait for a male.  Once they choose a male they mate and remain together as they move out into the water.  Many males are not chosen and because they are much smaller than the females, most are flipped by the incoming waves.  When the male is attached to the female they have no problem making it thru the shoreline surf.  It was very cool to watch and it lasted several days.

Horseshoe crabs on shore to mate
More horseshoe crabs
Merritt Island Nature Preserve

The reason we had stopped sailing was so that Stew could get some film work.  He was able to get a few jobs – several with FloSports.

Stew’s gig with FloSports in Jupiter,FL

While Stew worked I was able to spend some time in Sun City Center with Mom and Dad, taking a few day trips to explore the area.  They moved during covid and nothing much was open before. We had a great time at Apollo Beach – they have a tower you can climb easily to the top – the view is spectacular of Tampa Bay.

Aston Gardens Building 4 – where mom and dad live
Aston Gardens back of Building 4
Mom giving her winning smile
Dad giving his winning smile
Mom and Dad at Apollo Beach
Mom and Dad and I at Apollo Beach – top of the tower
Apollo Beach
The very large ducks that are in the lagoon behind mom and dad’s building – we visit them every day
The very loud. spoken cranes that walk the golf course like they own the place

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” — Mother Teresa

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