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We decided to extend our stay in Titusville another month.  This gave us time to relax and enjoy our friends.  We spent the days usually biking and working on projects.  In the afternoon we headed to the Cape Canaveral Beaches.   Stew’s brother Rob and girlfriend Joanie stopped for an evening visit and ice cream.

Merritt Island Nature Preseve
Dave and Diane at Cape Canaveral Beach (S/V Yachtzee)
Ellen and Diane on beach with launch pad for Cape Canaveral behind us
Dave and Stew enjoying the surf
Dave’s birthday celebration downtown Titusville
Stew and Ellen enjoying a beverage on S/V Freedom
Boat bottom cleaning time
Park next to our marina
Controlled Beach burn – wind shifted and brought it our way
Rob (Stew’s brother) and Joanie with Stew at “The Mad Utter” in downtown Titusville
S/V Freedom

We did work on some projects. We installed the old cockpit cupholder under the table area and installed more hooks in the v-berth area. The big one that I was so happy about was my counter extension! With very little effort we were able to extend the counter with a cutting board. It works perfect!

New counter extension
Look ma – no hands!! (you can also see the old cockpit cupholder installed in the background).

Mid March Dave and Diane headed on their way south and we made another trip to my parents.  We were able to do some more hiking and exploring around Sun City Center.  On the way back to the boat we stopped in Winter Haven to see some Edinboro University colleagues.

Hiking at Little Manatee River State Park
Hiking fun
Dad happy to be outside
Apollo Beach tower

We had several storms in Titusville and each storm brought a sinking ship into the marina.  They hauled them out to a mooring ball and had several tied to the mooring.  We took the dinghy out there to explore.

Boats that have sunk – marina stores them on a mooring ball
Doing some exploring in the dinghy
S/V Freedom enjoying the sunset

Stew worked another gig, this one was for CBS: Secret Celebrity Renovation.  That one was fun since there were celebrities in it and people heard of the series.

Stew’s outside workstation for CBS gig
Stew’s set up for part of the CBS gig

Spent the remaining days in March doing our biking and alligator watching.  The park next to the marina had three alligators and it was fun to spot them.  Several more parks had alligators and we had to stop at each for me to find the alligator each time we rode by.  One of the lagoons even had a very large iguana that startled me as I came around the corner on my bike.  It was just sitting in the middle of the bike path.

Cool kids water park in the park next to the marina (free)
mural in downtown Titusville
Deadpool is in the marina!
S/V Freedom
This guy was perched right next to our boat while I was eating… I think he wanted some blue chips and hummus
Enjoying sunset in Titusville

“Sometimes having fun with your best friend is all the therapy you need.” – Author Unknown

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