Exploring Myakka River State Park

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One of the fun things we did while Alyssa was with us was to visit Myakka River State Park. A few years ago Kim (my youngest daughter) and I did a “backpacking biking” trip and biked from Venice to Myakka and camped in the park. We had such a great time and found the park so exceptionally beautiful I thought it would be a nice day trip. Of course we did not count on all the other people in Florida thinking the same thing! The park was a bit crowded and we had to really work to keep social distance between ourselves and others.

We arrived!
First bridge and already aligators
One of the large gators
A little hike
Lots of roots to watch out for
Mom and Dad enjoying the hike
We are just happy to be outside and warm
Keeping Dad on the path and on his feet
Canopy Walkway – Mom and Dad declined the climb
Alyssa and I took the climbing challenge
Suspension bridge on the canopy walkway
View from the canopy tower
Alyssa on top of the world – top of canopy tower
Mom and Dad happy to be out for the day
End of a beautiful day

Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. – Hans Christian Anderson

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