Dewees Inlet Anchorage

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Started day: mile marker 420

Ended day: mile marker 455

Our anchorage in South Santee River was actually better and calmer than we thought it would be.

We got up and out by 10:00. No hurry as we are about 50 miles from Charleston and we are not due to be there until tomorrow, Nov 15th. We plan to anchor tonight

The day was filled with beautiful scenery once again. We are now back in saltwater so several dolphin sightings and several inlets to cross.

We tried to anchor at Capers Creek anchorage but there was far too much shoaling and we nearly ended up stuck in the mud. We went on to Dewees Inlet – taking Dewees creek access down to the inlet and tucking around Big Hill Marsh island. Early evening another sailboat joined us in this anchorage.

The weather was warm – high 70’s – so Stew decided to take a dip – he actually took several. However the current was extremely strong so he had to hold tight to the ladder so as not to be pulled out into the ocean!

Air is warm, but seas are cold
Doing daily texting with family
Downtime in the evening
Beautiful sunset to end the day

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