Started day: mile marker 829 Ended day: mile marker 878 We woke early to get a good start on our trip to Cocoa Beach Village marina. It would be a very long day. We thought we might be able to anchor on the way or get a mooring in Titusville, Fl. The day was really comfortable temperature. Had a good time and we were looking forward to Cocoa Beach and having a warmer resting place for the next month. We arrived at Titusville and talked about…Continue Reading “Landing in Titusville?”

Started day: mile marker 778 Ended day: mile marker 829 We ended up getting in late last night so we opted to take the rent-a-car back this morning. Stew ended up having to walk the 2 miles back to the boat. This delayed our departure by an hour – but we were on our way by 9am arriving in Daytona at 3:30. We found out that the above image of the large docks and nice buildings and there is a restaurant were closed down by the…Continue Reading “Speeding to Daytona”

Started day: mile markerĀ 739 Ended day: mile marker 778 We left the Jacksonville Free Dock shortly after breakfast. We crossed St John’s River without incident and followed the tide to St. Augustine. We arrived in St. Augustine harbor and noticed the Bridge of Lions draw bridge was raised as it was 3:30 – we quickly called the bridge tender and talked our way into being able to go through… we seem to be very lucky with these bridges. Although we were still about 10 minutes…Continue Reading “Saint Augustine”

Started day: mile marker 717 Ended day: mile marker 739 The morning began with a beautiful sunrise and we headed into Fernandina Harbor Marina for water and to take care of the composting toilet. We were heading to Jacksonville today and a freedock that Dave and Diane used the night before. Always good to have first hand account of where you are going! We crossed Nassau Sound and into Sawmill creek and into Gunnison Creek and finally into Sisters Creek. It was a very calm uneventful…Continue Reading “Jacksonville Free Dock”

Started day: mile marker 700 Ended day: mile marker 717 Once it was daylight (around 7:30am) we checked around the boat for the crab pot buoy. Last night when anchoring we had accidentally drifted across a crab pot. This can be a huge problem as the line can tangle around the propeller (or really anything under the boat). When we noticed this had happened we immediately put the motor into neutral but we decided not to try to move the boat because the current was swift…Continue Reading “Arriving in Florida – FINALLY”

Started day: mile marker 650 Ended day: mile marker 700 Beautiful sunrise and chilly weather welcomed us this morning. We were ready to get moving, these cold temperatures are a killer! This morning we were challenged with making it through a very shallow area called Little Mud and another shallow cut to Jekyll Island. Timing was critical and we tried to time things so that we left as tide moved to high tide. The thought is that if we do get stuck, we should get…Continue Reading “Making it through Little Mud”

Started day: mile marker 586 Ended day: mile marker 650 What a beautiful sunrise at our ICW anchorage! We did some yoga and headed out about 8:30am. The sun wasn’t present most of the day. It was overcast and VERY COLD. I stayed below some of the transit today due to the rain and wind. We crossed the St. Catherines Sound, Sapelo Sound, and Doboy sound – all of which were pretty choppy. We anchored at the entrance to the North River. It was again…Continue Reading “Isle of Hope to North River”

Started day: mile marker 563 Ended day: mile marker 586 The day was cold as usual but the sun was shinning. We had to wait until the tide was going to high tide to leave so we could exit the marina and broad creek without incident. We did a little yoga and ate a hearty breakfast so we were ready to go. We passed through several bridges but did not realize we had a bascule bridge on the path today. We seem to always just…Continue Reading “Leaving Shelter Cove…”

We drove Mom and Dad back to Florida, stayed for a few days, then headed back to Hilton Head. We had a chance to stop and see where Eve (my brother’s oldest daughter) lives in Gainesville. We had a quick bite to eat with her before classes. Once back in Hilton Head Stew and I re-evaluated our situation. Hilton Head is very far from my parents (6-8 hours depending on traffic) and it is mighty cold. It is hard to enjoy our bikes or the…Continue Reading “Last days in Hilton Head”

After arriving Sunday evening we relaxed on board the boat and did a some walking around on the docks. Monday (Dec 21) we showered and headed to Hilton Head airport to rent a car. Preston, the dock hand at Shelter Cove, was nice enough to give us a ride. We needed to pick up my parents car that we left at Cooper River Marina in Charleston. On the way we would stop by Beaufort, SC and have lunch. We did not get to visit Beaufort…Continue Reading “Exploring Hilton Head”