Back when Stew and I lived in Erie our tradition was to celebrate Thanksgiving at the cabin with the kids. We usually did our Christmas there as well, then the kids could celebrate in other ways with other people for Christmas. This year Alyssa and Cole both wanted to do Thanksgiving at the cabin (and so did we). No one could arrived before Thursday so we moved the main meal to Friday so no one had to rush to arrive. Once Cole arrived we decided…Continue Reading “Thanksgiving at Pine Creek”

We decided to leave by 6am Saturday since we had a long drive north to the cabin in Cammal, PA. In addition we needed to pick up the “cabin vehicle” in Harrisburg where it was being stored by a friend and drop off the rental car in Williamsport!! The ride was terrible – tons of traffic and 3 actual traffic jams where we sat for about an hour each! All-in-all it took 16 hours, arriving at the cabin at 1am in the morning on Sunday….Continue Reading “Trip North for Thanksgiving”