Our plan when we left the hotel in Rapid City, SD was to hit Crazy Horse monument. But we ended up with a problem with our cooler. The 12v plug no longer worked so we had to find an electronics store that supplied 12v plugs. After several calls, we found one and headed over. Thankfully it was one we could easily rewire. Once that was accomplished we were famished and headed for an early lunch at Jersey Mikes. Finally, on the road we headed to…Continue Reading “Custer State Park in the Black Hills”

This morning we woke in the Badlands to another rainy overcast day. We debated what to do since we had now been in the rain off and on for days. Most of those days the rain contained itself to the evening and morning, this was going to be an all-day rain, and it was cold. We wanted to see Mount Rushmore so we decided to head to Rapid City and take in another library. We also needed some groceries and a few other misc items…Continue Reading “Mount Rushmore in the rain”

Our night on the edge of the Badland wall was quiet other than noise from the storm – some lightning and rain but little thunder. Still very windy so we opted to buy coffee in Wall before heading back into the Badlands. I drink “Dandy Blend” in the morning so just one coffee and some hot water for me. We also filled the other to-go cups (we have a total of 6 to-go cups and 3 gallon jugs with us) with ice water for later….Continue Reading “Badlands – day 2”

Sun was out and it was finally a nice day. Although we were trying to stay off highways we decided to take I90 into South Dakota. We could not believe that the speed limit was 80, it dropped to 65 or 70 for road work!! I90 turned out to be a good choice as there was very little traffic and there was a lot to see along the way. Windmill farms were everywhere we looked and roadside sculptures which I grabbed a few pictures of….Continue Reading “Corn Palace, Giant Prairie Dog, and the Badlands”