Today is our wedding anniversary, you know “only fools marry again” so April fools day seemed a good choice for a wedding date… plus it was a palindrome (4/1/14)! We are ever the fools! We waited and waited and waited for my passport, called the passport office, lost hours of my life on those extended 6 hour plus holds… so we decided we needed a new plan. Maybe it would be summer before the passport even arrived. So we found a new plan, but it…Continue Reading “…fools and their plans”

I again have dropped the ball and not posted in quite some time. I am promising myself. I’m going to get back on this. We were headed to st Augustine to do boat work back in Oct. we remained there through mid Dec doing a refit on the instruments and more! List at the bottom of post. We final splashed on Dec 13th and remained afloat with no leaks!! A huge win in our book! We moved down the east coast of Florida to vero…Continue Reading “What we’ve been up to…”

Stew was on the move to Birmingham Alabama to work on a shoot for 4 months. He was excited to fill the role of First Assistant Camera (1st AC) for an A&E renovation series. April 9th (Friday) we finished packing the car, closed the boat, said our goodbye to everyone and headed to my parents in Sun City Center, FL. Saturday morning at 5AM Stew and I said goodbye and Stew headed to Atlanta, GA to pick up gear and then on to Birmingham, AL…Continue Reading “Stew heads to Alabama”