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Stew was on the move to Birmingham Alabama to work on a shoot for 4 months. He was excited to fill the role of First Assistant Camera (1st AC) for an A&E renovation series. April 9th (Friday) we finished packing the car, closed the boat, said our goodbye to everyone and headed to my parents in Sun City Center, FL. Saturday morning at 5AM Stew and I said goodbye and Stew headed to Atlanta, GA to pick up gear and then on to Birmingham, AL where an apartment at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) housing was waiting for him.

Packed and ready to hit the road

The apartment they gave him was less than stellar, it was a studio and missing some of the furniture and working appliances that he had been promised. First thing Monday morning he took care of the problem and was given a new studio apartment that was much better. He spent the first few days getting his apartment set up (lots of thrift shops to visit), gear inventoried and checked out, and familiarizing himself with Birmingham. Work started with Covid testing and zoom meetings, meeting onsite to start shooting on April 14th (Wed).

Stew’s apartment entrance – small studio
View from his “balcony”
View from his “balcony”
The drone he got to play with during the shoot

It was a great start to the job and Stew was happy with his role.  It was very demanding and the houses they were renovating were in really bad shape.  Days were long, 12 hours plus, but when you’re busy all day, time flies. 

Inside one of the renovation houses
Stew as 1st AC
Outside one of the renovation houses
Stew’s set up on location
Hard at work
SOOOOO much gear!
On location
Stew has family in Birmingham – two first cousins… Will (above) and Sally

I remained in Florida with my parents. We enjoyed lots of walks to the lagoons to see the ducks and turtles. In the evenings once the air cooled down I would take dad for a golf cart ride.

One of many walks around Aston Gardens
Our duck friend we visited daily

I was still trying to figure out my plan for the four months… but first stop was the cabin on Pine Creek in Erie PA…

Though miles may lie between us, we’re never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count the miles, its measured by the heart.

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