Started day: mile marker 1185 (No longer on the ICW) Ended day: mile marker 1216 Saturday, Christmas day, we decided to have pancakes for breakfast and talk to our family.  In addition, it was time to make water.  Making water takes about 3 hours so I decided to make lentil soup for the thermal pot.  I add all the ingredients, bring it to a boil, then put it in the thermal pot and close the lid.  It takes about 3 hours to cook – but you can…Continue Reading “Just Keep Rolling”

Started day: mile marker 1152 (No longer on the ICW) Ended day: mile marker 1185 Friday, we woke and got on our way raising the sails and back into Hawk’s channel.  It was a really nice morning. We decided to stop at Hen and Chickens reef to do some snorkeling.  That was really fun.  When we arrived there was a mooring ball (which was super lucky) and it was not super choppy.  This was our first time at one of these reefs so we took some…Continue Reading “OOPS, we hit a crab pot”

Started day: mile marker 1100 (No longer on the ICW) Ended day: mile marker 1152 Thursday, we woke and exited South Basin, raised the sails, and headed to the ocean via Cape Florida Channel to Hawk’s channel.  It was a beautiful day, and we did some sailing without the motor.  We couldn’t do that for long because we needed to travel 52 miles today before dark. Since we draw 6’ we could no longer travel in the ICW.  We had to use Hawk’s channel that is…Continue Reading “Heading to the Florida Keys”

Started day: mile marker 1064 Ended day: mile marker 1100 Wednesday, we woke and left the anchorage at 8:30 to make an 8:45 bridge opening of Las Olas.  Once through the bridge we stopped for fuel, filling all the jerrycans, dinghy tank, generator, and main tank.  While Stew worked on this, I went into facility to use WIFI to update the iPad Aqua maps.  We did a little WIFI in Fort Lauderdale, but needed a full day to get things downloaded, blog updated, photos backed up…Continue Reading “Heading into the Ocean”

We slept in a bit as we planned to stay today at Atlantic City. Just as we were getting coffee Dave and Diane texted that the wind was favorable for a jump to Cape May and they would be leaving shortly. When we went to bed the wind prediction for today was out of the south, but this changed and now was out of the East. After some discussion and research Stew and I decided to make the jump as well. We were not excited…Continue Reading “A Cape May Birthday Celebration”

We had a great time at Sandy Hook Bay Marina. Thursday we awoke to calm seas and skies even though the prediction had been high winds this morning. I spent the day catching up the blog entries and enjoying the second floor balcony which looked out over the entire marina and Lower Bay. Stew caught a ride into town to get propane. We did some laundry and took an evening walk on the walking trail near the marina. Friday morning we awoke early to take…Continue Reading “Atlantic Ocean, here we come”