We are extremely frustrated at this point. It has been 10 weeks since I renewed my passport online! Still nothing! I call a few times weekly, each call yields 2.5+ hours on hold, then an agent that has to transfer me to the “online renewal agent”, another 2.5+ hours more on hold, finally an agent that can do nothing!! Each time I am trying to get an appointment at the passport office in Miami to no avail. And I am left with a brain muddled…Continue Reading “… and we wait, and wait, and wait”

Started day: mile marker 473 Ended day: mile marker 522 We pulled out of St. John’s around 8am to a very cold ride down the ICW, but it was sunny! We were planning to stop at Lady’s Island Marina in Beaufort, SC for the night. The marina was about 65 miles which would be a long day. We would only make it before sunset if the tide and wind were in our favor. We traversed several rivers today: Wadmalaw, Dawhoe, South Edisto, Ashepoo, Coosaw rivers….Continue Reading “Anchor stuck…”