We went to bed with the sun (as usual), so about 9PM and rose early since we didn’t put many miles behind us yesterday. It worked out very well as the tugboat that was also tied to lock 15 wall gave us a call on VHF 13 around 7am. He wanted to coordinate to go through the lock together. So we left together and said goodbye to our biker friend Joe (by the way, no bear visited in the night thank goodness!) It turned out…Continue Reading “Nine locks in one day”

It was a long pandemic summer in Erie but we made it and the Erie Canal was finally open to “thru” traffic. So on Tuesday September 12th we pulled out of Presque Isle Bay and headed to Buffalo to unstep the mast and head down the Erie Canal. Enjoy Episode 4:

Stew completed another episode that covers our first live-aboard summer in Erie. This is after we moved aboard during the pandemic and found out we could not leave Lake Erie – both the Erie Canal was closed and Canada was closed! Stew took a job working on Undercover Billionaire season 2 for Discovery channel. Due to the pandemic he had to live in a hotel about 5 miles from where I was living on the boat. He had to quarantine for most of the week…Continue Reading “Episode 3: Covid Summer”

We walked 500 miles … And planned for 5 years … And this is our story …If you watched the video it discusses our plans to leave Erie in June and spend the summer with friends in Massachusetts. Then to head down the ICW at the tail end of summer to beat the cold. Well, that was obviously before the pandemic! Alot happened on the way to our goal. Moving my parents from SC to FL and selling their belongings and house while trying to…Continue Reading “Our Story”