Staniel Cay , Exumas (again!)

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Miles: 9.6
Time: 2 hours 43 min
Avg Speed: 3.6
Max Speed: 4.9

We decided to leave Sampson Cay and start heading north, back to the States. Weather just isn’t cooperating and we also won a bid for another media job and need to do some filming in Erie in May. Since we were just 5 miles from Staniel Cay we decided to head back, grab a mooring, provision, get fuel, and dump garbage.

On our way to Staniel Cay we did some trolling with our new yoyo set up. Unfortunately, we did not catch a thing.

It was Easter Monday on the Island so they had some festivities. This also meant the stores were not open (or not open regular hours). So we had to stop back over Tuesday morning to do our provisioning. We also made water and headed out to Belle Cay.

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