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This morning (Wed, Oct 21) we awoke in our anchorage consumed by fog. So much that I was worried about the fishing boats I could hear running into us. The fog was so thick we could not see anything beyond our own rails.

Fog starting to clear

Once the fog starting clearing and we could see the sun and shore we decided to take off – probably not the best decision. We sounded the horn and rang the bell every few minutes to be sure any boats around us (fishing boats specifically) might hear us and not run into us.

fog is still pretty thick as we head up the Delaware River
ringing the bell and sounding the horn so we don’t get run over

Just as we were nearing the C&D Canal (Chesapeake & Delaware Canal) the fog truly lifted and the canal opened. It was like they knew we were coming! It was really interesting how the current and tide intersected at the mouth of the canal. Currently it was “Flood” tide (moving to high tide) in both the Delaware and the Chesapeake River… so which tide did the C&D Canal use – it seemed the Chesapeake River so when we hit the mouth there was this turbulence as the two high tides hit each other.

The turbulence would have been much worse had it not been close to “ebb” tide in the Chesapeake River… we had under an hour and we were again with the tide which was great for our speed.

So happy to finally see the shore
entrance to the C & D Canal
lunch on the road

We arrived around 3PM at Chesapeake City and took up a spot on the “Free Dock” or “City Dock”. It is very cool – the docking is free and you just pay $15 for electric if you use it and $10 for water if you use it. We decided to stay 2 nights to give Stew more time to edit. Plus our friends Dave and Diane would be coming on Thursday night and Bob and Sheila (the friends with the other Freedom that we have only talked to online) may also arrive here Thursday night! Bob and Sheila are on one of their friends’ powerboats – taking it to Annapolis.

Our slip at the free dock
Walking around Chesapeake City
Stew talking with the locals

We had a great evening and good nights sleep. The fog was equally thick this morning. We find this just makes everything in the boat feel damp. Once the sun was out we laid some of the items in the sun to dry.

Stew spent the day editing our next video and I worked on the blog and other misc tasks. The day always seems to slip through our fingers when we are working on things.

Late afternoon Dave and Diane arrived at Chesapeake City. Since there was no room at the free dock we had them raft to our boat. We had never rafted up, but Dave knew what he was doing and it worked great!

rafting up with Yacht-Z
multiple fenders and lines keep our rafting secure

We all decided that a dinner out would be nice and met down at the Tap House for some seafood. Had just an awesome time hanging out and talking.

Stew finished up his editing after dinner and I showered on the boat… free dock doesnt have any facilities. Always alot of work showering on the boat – it seems like a good idea until after the shower when I have to dry everything off!

We are looking forward to the Chesapeake River tomorrow!

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