I am so tired of Bahamas Prep, I just want to get going! I feel like I only think about prepping and organizing all our prepped items. It is exhausting. We did so much research etc last year and now I am working to get my head back around all that stuff again. I am reading and re-reading my notes and the Waterway Guide to the Bahamas. I also do a lot of reading of the Facebook posts in the various Bahamas Facebook groups. These…Continue Reading “Bahamas Prep, can we go already?”

We had a great stop in Erie for Stew’s birthday, and now we are headed to our friends’, the Sailing Jasons, wedding in Bay City MI. We have been working on how to do things as we travel. Our first stop today for lunch worked out well. We actually pulled into a great Ohio turnpike travel station. They actually had a spot for RVs! They provide free air, water, pump out and for a nominal fee of $20 you can stay the night. We used…Continue Reading “Heading to Bay City”