What is that saying? “Make plans, God laughs.” April 15th at 9:36 PM while I was babysitting Arlo, my new grandson, I received a voicemail from an unknown caller in Florida. The caller was slurring her words, so much that I could barely understand her… well, that caller was my mother! She was playing doubles ping-pong and went for a shot but instead tripped and landed on the floor breaking her hip, wrist, and elbow. We found out later, that she also lost a large…Continue Reading “God is laughing out loud!”

We decided to leave by 6am Saturday since we had a long drive north to the cabin in Cammal, PA. In addition we needed to pick up the “cabin vehicle” in Harrisburg where it was being stored by a friend and drop off the rental car in Williamsport!! The ride was terrible – tons of traffic and 3 actual traffic jams where we sat for about an hour each! All-in-all it took 16 hours, arriving at the cabin at 1am in the morning on Sunday….Continue Reading “Trip North for Thanksgiving”