Junkanoo Beach, Nassau

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Miles: 3.1
Time: 1 hour 43 mins
Avg Speed: 1.8
Max Speed: 9

March 14, Thursday: We finally got the propane filled by Chico at the Nassau Harbor Club marina and as soon as the deck hands were available to help us shove off – we left the slip. We did need to wait for high tide as we were in a very shallow slip, hitting the bottom during low tide.

We headed to the fuel dock at Brown’s marina and filled the diesel and the gas. We had planned to fill the tank with the jerry cans but the Nassau Harbor Club marina’s gas pump was broken and the dock master did not want Stew to fill the jerry cans on the dock… so we had to stop at a fuel dock on the way to Junkanoo Beach.

It worked out fine, but we like to minimize docking especially with all this current.

Once at Junkanoo Beach we got anchored and enjoyed watching all the activity. The beach was loaded with the cruise ship guests – lots of loud music. Cruise ships were in and out. it was fun.

A friend of Stew’s, Mark Zimmerman, decided to fly into Nassau to meet up with us. He was staying in a hotel right off of Junkanoo beach. Stew took the dinghy to pick him up and they also got some seafood – 2 dinner platters with snapper, vegetables, and rice. It was very good. He also got conch fritters which were breaded and deep fried so I couldn’t try them – but the boys enjoyed them.

We had a good time catching up with Mark and watching all the crazy people on the beach. A few of our anchor neighbors stopped by to talk about where to leave the dinghy at the beach etc. All of them were very nice.

Cruise ships were really fun to watch – so big!! Several looked pretty empty. The ship would do a full turnaround right by our anchorage – it was amazing.

March 15, Friday: We had a pretty good night at Junkanoo Beach anchorage. In the morning we made water. In the middle of making water I decided to cook my frozen berries I had purchased at the grocery store. Little did I know the bag had a hole in it so there was berry juice all down the fridge – on just about everything!! So while making water I had to pull everything out of the fridge and wipe everything down. What a mess!!

Mark returned to the boat for the afternoon. He hurt his foot the night before so we couldn’t do any snorkeling and decided to just stay put at the anchorage. It was fun to hear all of Mark’s stories.

We decided we would try to head to the Exumas the next day. The wind would be in our face but the swell etc looked ok and wind was not terribly high.

So after a good nights sleep – we left the anchorage for Exumas!!

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