The Berries: Whale Cay

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Miles: 32.8
Time: 5 hours 25 min
Avg Speed: 6.1
Max Speed: 8.5

March 10th, Sunday: After making water at Great Harbor Cay – East we decided to use the North wind to head south. The wind was going to be changing overnight so we needed to be sure to find a place to tuck in. We were anxious to explore a few of the smaller islands in the south Berries.

Our first thought was to head to Cabbage Cay or Bonds Cay. We stopped at each to see whether there was good coverage and did not think it looked very safe so we continued south.

Our revised plan was to go to Whale Cay tuck in there and head to Nassau in the morning.

Once at Whale Cay, we anchored with another boat in an area that looked like it would be great wind protection. Little did we know that the waves and surges would rock and bounce our boat all night long. The conditions are caused by the “tongue of the ocean” which is where the Great Bahama Bank connects with the Atlantic. Depending on wind direction and current this can cause very unfavorable conditions.

We were really tired the next morning but we could not stay at Whale Cay – with no place to go but south we decided to go ahead and head to Nassau – WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS!!!!

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