Heading to Erie!

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October 12, Thursday – We left our “Love’s Truck Stop” and headed east on I70. We stopped off in Kansas City, Kansas which is where Stew grew up. We tracked down his old address and neighborhood and spent time driving around checking out all the changes. Stew lived there from birth to until he was about 8 years old (1969-1977).

We spent the day driving and stopped in Boonville, MO at a rest stop for the night. Rest areas are far nicer to sleep in, but there is no coffee in the morning.

October 13, Friday – Back on I70 East. We stayed in another rest area on I70 in London, OH.

October 14, Saturday – Back on I70 East and headed for Erie! We stayed in Erie for a few days, visited with Mary and Alyssa, Matt, or course, Arlo! Slept in a real bed!What fun!

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