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Started day: mile marker 918

Ended day: mile marker 943

Woke to a beautiful sunrise although a bit chilly. Since it was Saturday we indulged and had a big breakfast of eggs, toast, veggies and wonderful alvacado!

After breakfast I made some lentil veggie soup in my thermal pot (thank you Diane!).

Our sail/motor to Sebastian was a bit brutal. Because it was Saturday there were alot of boats out and about. We had a terrible run in with a large 50′ convertible motor boat going about 30 knots, flipped us off and sent about 6′ wake our direction. A group of guys (did you doubt that) probably drunk as skunks. They pulled so close as they passed there was no time to “go toward the wake” so the wake almost capsized us! (well not really, but it felt like that to me!). These Saturday boaters just have no regard for anyone but themselves. Other than Stew’s coffee the clean up was minimal (thankfully).

The biggest problem with some areas of the ICW is the depth. This area was particularly difficult to find an anchorage because the depth was about 3-5 as you moved just feet off the ICW. We found one spot and hoped it was not already filled with anchored boats – just south of the Wabasso bridge.

It was a pretty good anchorage. Lots of wake from the boats going under the bridge (they just don’t slow down). We had lots of the “crackling” under the boat from the shrimp and we saw some skates.

I haven’t mentioned but we see dolphin pretty regularly. This anchorage has all sorts of mantee signs and we were hoping to see one, but no dice.

Once we got settled I made some homemade cornbread for our lentil veggie soup. It was delicious!! Its nice because the soup will provide us 3 more meals!! The cornbread might not make it that long… its pretty darn good.

2 thoughts on “On to Sebastian

  1. Hey Ellen,
    It’s Vic and Carolyn from the Erie dock.
    We have been following your exploits.

    We wish you and Stew a very Merry Christmas and the best of all for a 2022!

    1. Hi Vic and Carolyn!
      So good to hear from you! We have made it to Boot Key Harbor and just today we landed a mooring ball! So small feat since there is quite a waiting list here. We will stay thru January and hope to do some anchoring around other keys and snorkeling at the reefs. They are about 4 or more miles out in the atlantic but we will have a safe place to come home to at night due to the mooring ball. I hope to get the blog updated – we have had little wifi since Dec 1st when we left Titusville – even here at Boot Key we struggle to just get 3-5 Mbs!! So slow!

      We really hope you are both doing well and staying healthy. What a crazy covid situation! I think we all thought it would pass by now. We try to do the social distance – but you have to go out into the world sometimes! Anyway, stay healthy and safe and have a great new year!

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