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Since Stew was going to be busy in Alabama for the next four months I needed a plan too. I decided to start by heading to PA. First stop was pine creek and a nice weekend at the cabin with my daughter Kim and Fernando. Kim picked me up at Cleveland airport and we loaded up the car and left the next day for the cabin in the mountains of central PA. We had a really great time. I was enjoying the cool weather after…Continue Reading “Ellen heads to Pine Creek”

Stew was on the move to Birmingham Alabama to work on a shoot for 4 months. He was excited to fill the role of First Assistant Camera (1st AC) for an A&E renovation series. April 9th (Friday) we finished packing the car, closed the boat, said our goodbye to everyone and headed to my parents in Sun City Center, FL. Saturday morning at 5AM Stew and I said goodbye and Stew headed to Atlanta, GA to pick up gear and then on to Birmingham, AL…Continue Reading “Stew heads to Alabama”

The Change up

Titusville, Florida 2021
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We decided in March that Stew should start applying for longer running gigs.  So far most of the gigs he had done were one to three days.  Each required a lot of set up, organization, and just plain stress.  It was like starting a new job over and over again.  In April this paid off and Stew was offered a job on the set of an Alabama renovation show for A & E Network called “Flipping Alabama” (title for now).  He would need to spend…Continue Reading “The Change up”

More Fun in Titusville

Titusville, Florida 2021
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We decided to extend our stay in Titusville another month.  This gave us time to relax and enjoy our friends.  We spent the days usually biking and working on projects.  In the afternoon we headed to the Cape Canaveral Beaches.   Stew’s brother Rob and girlfriend Joanie stopped for an evening visit and ice cream. We did work on some projects. We installed the old cockpit cupholder under the table area and installed more hooks in the v-berth area. The big one that I was so…Continue Reading “More Fun in Titusville”

It was great fun hanging out in Titusville.  Our friends, Dave and Diane (s/v Yachtzee) decided to join us for a month in Titusville.  Honestly, how we both scored a slip is pure luck!  This place is very hard to get reservations – but I guess in the marina world – a boater in the hand is worth two in the “reservation basket”. Dave and Diane lived in China for a few years and usually celebrated the Chinese New Years.  Diane made a ton of…Continue Reading “Fun Times in Titusville”

We landed here with no expectations. This place has really been a surprise! We are in slip C119 which is very well positioned on the dock. The marina is very nice and clean. There is an outside and inside lounge, picnic pavilion, grills to use, as well as a marina store. Bathrooms and showers are also very nice. So far so good, right? As mentioned in the previous post, we were planning to go on to Cocoa Village Marina for the month and made a…Continue Reading “Exploring Titusville, Florida”

Started day: mile marker 829 Ended day: mile marker 878 We woke early to get a good start on our trip to Cocoa Beach Village marina. It would be a very long day. We thought we might be able to anchor on the way or get a mooring in Titusville, Fl. The day was really comfortable temperature. Had a good time and we were looking forward to Cocoa Beach and having a warmer resting place for the next month. We arrived at Titusville and talked about…Continue Reading “Landing in Titusville?”

Started day: mile marker 778 Ended day: mile marker 829 We ended up getting in late last night so we opted to take the rent-a-car back this morning. Stew ended up having to walk the 2 miles back to the boat. This delayed our departure by an hour – but we were on our way by 9am arriving in Daytona at 3:30. We found out that the above image of the large docks and nice buildings and there is a restaurant were closed down by the…Continue Reading “Speeding to Daytona”

Started day: mile marker 739 Ended day: mile marker 778 We left the Jacksonville Free Dock shortly after breakfast. We crossed St John’s River without incident and followed the tide to St. Augustine. We arrived in St. Augustine harbor and noticed the Bridge of Lions draw bridge was raised as it was 3:30 – we quickly called the bridge tender and talked our way into being able to go through… we seem to be very lucky with these bridges. Although we were still about 10 minutes…Continue Reading “Saint Augustine”

Started day: mile marker 717 Ended day: mile marker 739 The morning began with a beautiful sunrise and we headed into Fernandina Harbor Marina for water and to take care of the composting toilet. We were heading to Jacksonville today and a freedock that Dave and Diane used the night before. Always good to have first hand account of where you are going! We crossed Nassau Sound and into Sawmill creek and into Gunnison Creek and finally into Sisters Creek. It was a very calm uneventful…Continue Reading “Jacksonville Free Dock”